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These Are Things

9 Jun

These Are Things is an Ohio-based design duo who make a lot of fun posters with, as they say, a “cartographic twist”.  I love their new American Flags map.  

Each state has a colorful flag from a happy little citrus palette.  The maps measure 20″ x 30″ are are $99 USD.

Check out the full collection of posters at the These Are Things Shop.

Not on the high street

3 Jun

Yay – found a fun new website for unique gifts called NotOnTheHighStreet.com (to all my yanks – High Street refers to the main shopping street).  While not everything on this British retail site is exclusive (for instance, I noticed the Gypsy chandelier that is also sold on Tesco.co.uk), the site seems to have some good finds.

A clever photo collage

3 May

I always love finding inexpensive wall art and unique ways to display photos and this idea ticks both boxes.  The “artwork” over the mantle is simple a grouping of small black and white photos with a couple of cyanotype treatments thrown in for color.  Clev-uh.

Mapping out great wall art

11 Aug

My friend, David, has a great series of historic maps of Rome that I have always loved.  As an architect, he’s really enamored with squares and how they work to create communities in cities. 

One of my favorite spots in the world, Paris, is full of squares — so it seems appropriate that this map has been cut into squares (okay, maybe more literally, rectangles) and framed before being re-hung on the wall as one piece of art.  I’ve been saving an article from a magazine for the last 10 years that pretty much looks exactly like this.  I’ll dig it out and post it one of these days. 

My friend, Christiana, came across the photo above and immediately sent it on to me as she knows I’m a big fan of this look — this particular example is a very literal way to take many pieces of “art” to create one bigger piece.  But I think framed pieces, in general, when hung in an interesting collection, can create a signature wall statement for your room.