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Some hot ideas from Houzz

4 Apr
Tricia Rose eclectic bedroomI mentioned Houzz the other day in a post about iPhone and iPad apps that I liked and then Molly sent me along these great pics of some inspiration she found so I thought I’d pass them on.  I love the damask-painted door and it got me thinking that this would probably be an easy look to achieve with wall stickers — fun.  www.houzz.com
|| C O B U R N - A R C H I T E C T U R E || traditional bedroom

The Front Door eclectic entry


28 Mar

About eight hours after this post goes live there will be a howl of laughter in West Texas when my mother wakes up and reads this post. You see, I went through a really big owl phase — I loved them and their huge inquisitive eyes.  I just thought they were beautiful creatures and so I started collecting them for my bedroom.  Then, it seemed like every birthday and Christmas, all I was getting were owl-y things and so I swore off owls, packed them up in a box and either sold them at a yard sale or gave them away to Goodwill in favor of a new Laura Ashley-styled bedroom. But now I want them back. 

There are so many cute owl designs at them moment and it’s such a popular look — all my little owls would have fit in so well with this — what was I thinking?  I could have been the trendiest person in Dublin if I still had them…oh well.

If you’re looking to re-visit this design approach yourself, lots of great stuff available on Etsy. http://www.etsy.com

Fabric wall stickers from Mae

27 Mar

These are very adorable and great way for changeable decor — or again, for an apartment (why didn’t I know about all these ideas all those years I was living in apartments??). Australian design company, Mae, brings us this original range of reusable fabric stickers.  They won’t damage your walls, they’re made from recycled materials wherever possible and they’re super cute.  They have a store on Etsy in US dollars or check out their site (prices posted are in Aussie Dollars).