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A clever photo collage

3 May

I always love finding inexpensive wall art and unique ways to display photos and this idea ticks both boxes.  The “artwork” over the mantle is simple a grouping of small black and white photos with a couple of cyanotype treatments thrown in for color.  Clev-uh.

To the letter

13 Jan

Now this is another easy one — might confuse your chislers if you’re trying to teach them the alphabet (or at least if you want them to learn the letters in order) but it’s a great look for a blank wall.

Picture hanging inspiration

8 Oct

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for inspiration around different ideas for hanging art and photographs.  I’ve always been a big fan of hanging collections together to give the impression of a larger piece of art.  This is a great example of how, by sticking to the black and white theme throughout the room, the framed photos on the wall really work together as a grouping.  A good hint for hanging groups of photos like this one:  cut pieces of brown craft paper to the size of each frame and stick a piece of blu-tack on the back of  each where the nail should go (I don’t know what this is called in the states but they use it all the time over here in Ireland — it’s a sticky bit of putty adhesive to affix things to the wall).

The blu-tack will leave a mark on the wall where your nail should go and it takes all the guesswork out of the process and is much easier to arrange and move arround as needed.

Not so off-the-wall

21 Aug

An interior designer friend of mine told me that if you’re ever going to use a collection, think either all the same or all different.  This wall arrangement is a good example of how “all different” can really come together.  Shapes, sizes, subject matter and frames are pretty much all different.  I like the way the art is framed both above and to the side of the bed — almost creating a headboard.  Nice look — and the Bertoia side chairs are a nice touch, too.

Transit rolls on Etsy

5 Aug

I think these Transit Rolls from TransitDesign on Etsy are to die for.  You can create your own to list all your favorite places in the world.  I think it’s a great look and a nice way to create very personalized art for your home (of course, showing this adjacent to that beautiful Barcelona chair certainly doesn’t hurt one bit). 

Check them out on Etsy or Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TransitDesign

Clean your plate

2 Aug

How great is this?  I have been known to hang a few plates on my walls in the past but it never would have occurred to me to do it in such a random but fluid way as they’ve done here.   Mixing and matching is such a love of mine and this is such a great example of how to do it with style and panache (now how many chances do you get to use that word!) I particularly love the tiny little plate on the right-hand side.  Adorable. 

This got me thinking how much I love painting pottery and that it would be really fun to create and paint plates of all sizes with kids for an arrangement like this — the randomness of style really lends itself to the inevitable mix of looks that kids will create.