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I must really like this wallpaper

25 Mar

I thought it was funny that, as I was going through my vault of design ideas, I came across three images with the same wallpaper in them — and I know they weren’t just plucked from one visit to a website because they were saved with different dates and one was taken off my own camera…so, I figure I must really, really like this wallpaper.  It’s a nice and simple look.

It’s called “Cow Parsley” and it’s from Cole & Son.  If it looks familiar, it’s because I already did a post on it back in December: https://tillyscottage.wordpress.com/2010/12/06/framed-wallpaper/ I think I prefer the yellow the best (as the photos probably also confirm). Available from Cole & Son: http://www.cole-and-son.com

Amy Butler Wallpaper

2 Mar

I’ve always been a fan of Amy Butler fabrics and then I became a fan of her kitchenware and now I’m a fan of her wallpaper.  She just has a great creative flair and I think a very timeless approach.

Available at:  www.grahambrown.com


More on customizing your space

13 Feb

Last month’s Ideal Home featured wallpaper created from a map of London in this funky little kitchen.  So much decorating these days can look same-y same-y that I love ideas like this and the Mykea approach of customizing your IKEA furniture (see earlier post: https://tillyscottage.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/customizing-ikea-furniture/).

This particular vintage map comes from Printed Space (http://www.printedspace.com/).  I’ll definitely have to check in with them to see if they have any Dublin maps and also do a bit of a price comparison against traditional wallpaper as they list prices of £399 for most of the London maps…

Collections as wallpaper

11 Feb

This is perfect for all you apartment dwellers — a great way to create your own “wallpaper” from your favorite paper-based collections.  This is another post courtesy of my sister from her iVillage trawlings.

In the first example, pics of your ancestors, forefathers, or whichever old geezers you choose become a great backdrop for a lounge when printed on parchment paper.

The second example takes covers from vintage music scores to separate the space for this studio dining area.

And finally, the color from the bold walls of the office in the third example gets broken up by a collection of black and white and sepia-toned photographs — I love that some are framed and some look like they’re just stuck up on the wall at random.



More at iVillage: http://tinyurl.com/5rr3b6p

Red, White & New

5 Feb

Another one from the old files…Advanced apologies to the magazine where this was taken from as I can’t figure out which one it was — probably Country Living.  I’m not sure I totally love it but it has a lot of elements I like and I think they’ve creatively used the wallpaper by putting it on the ceiling (but it makes the space feel a bit cramped for my taste).  This would work really well, however, in trying to cozy up a big space with high ceilings.

I love the screen door, the toile roman shade and I love a red and white kitchen — very country and very retro.

Paint-by-Number Wallpaper

14 Jan

Image of Tilly Wallpaper-By-NumbersI’m so inspired by Jenny Wilkinson’s paint-by-number wallpaper (although, I’m not 100% certain it actually has numbers — I think it’s just the template from which you can create your own painted design…) Her website says that these wallpapers were “inspired by the classi paint-by-numbers crazy of the 1950’s and beyond. Designed to be painted in small sections or left as simple outline designs…”

At any rate, I think they’re great and I think it’s an omen that I need to get this paper as it’s called “Tilly” and it’s about their old family dog who used to sit in the Yucca plant. What a fantastic way to customize your pad.  Love it.


Pip Studios

12 Jan

I featured Brian Yates’ wallpaper for Pip Studios in an earlier post but I only figured out recently that there’s a whole series of products ranging from textiles and stationery to porcelain and accessories.   (https://tillyscottage.wordpress.com/2010/12/07/brian-yates-wallpaper/)   This particular novelty wallpaper is designed to look like a collection of vintage pictures and postcards.

I’m really loving their products and also their tagline “Happy Products for Happy People” – that’s for me!  They’re based in the Netherlands but the online looks like it ships at least within Europe and hopefully to the US as well.  Check it out — lots of great cottage-style designs. http://www.pipstudio.com/en

Silhouettes everywhere

27 Dec

I have written a few times now about how I love silhouettes.  It seems like they’re everywhere I turn. I love that they’re no longer confined to an oval frame on the wall but are busting out in new ways.  Thanks to Michelle for sending me some additional silhouette ideas!

But with all my writing about it, I don’t have any — maybe because I don’t have kiddies and people might think it was completely over-the-top if I had a series of silhouettes of Tilly — hmmm, now that’s an interesting idea.

Brian Yates Wallpaper

7 Dec

I was at a design showroom the other evening with Clodagh V. and Petra looking for wallpaper for their upstairs guest room.  There was the loveliest man working at the design showroom named Hasman and he totally got my style instantly.  Not only is he going to hold back some discontinued wallpaper sample books for me but he also introduced me to a fabulous wallpaper designer – Brian Yates.  This stuff if so whimsical and fun — it truly is art for your walls.  And his colors are way OTT but I loved them. 

Check out the Pip  collection of wallcoverings at:  http://www.brian-yates.co.uk/

Framed wallpaper

6 Dec

It’s probably pretty obvious that I’m in to wallpaper.  I can’t say that I always loved wallpaper but my appreciation for it grows more each –okay, perhaps just because I’m getting older, but I’d like to think it’s because wallpaper design just keeps getting better!

When I ran across this design, I just love, love, loved it (that’s a lot of love).  I think it’s so clever the way the white wall frames the framed wallpaper — truly making it art for the wall.  It’s a beautiful effect nicely complemented by those sweet yellow cushions and the turned white lamp.  It would also be an easy way in which to make a room seasonal if you happen to have a place to store the gigantic framed wallpaper to swap it out with another.  And one last thought — great for apartment renters looking to customize a space.