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Inke Wallpaper Silhouettes and Textiles

2 Jun

Out of the Netherlands, Inke bring these funky little wallpaper designs.  Each animal is handmade and comes in a do-it-yourself kit including the brush and eco-friendly wallpaper adhesive.  You can choose your animal’s wallpaper from a variety of vintage designs to make your room truly unique.  Great idea for a nursery! They also carry a nice range of textiles for children’s rooms. 

Walnut wallpaper

16 May

It’s not a well kept secret that I love wallpaper and I keep finding all these really great and original wallpaper companies.  This one is called Walnut Wallpaper (love the name – get it? Cute, eh?).  After all this chat about wallpaper on this blog, I think I’ll be under pressure to use wallpaper in my house. http://www.walnutwallpaper.com/

Unusual wallcoverings from Elitis

10 May

If you’re looking for really unusual wallcoverings, wallpaper or fabric, this is a great site.  Élitis is a French company which started in wallpapers and extended into fabrics and furniture. Their products are really distinct from other design products such as their thermographic wallpaper with raised images, their lasercut two-toned fabric and their animal hide wallpaper line.  Find out more on: http://www.elitis.fr/en/home.php

I must really like this wallpaper

25 Mar

I thought it was funny that, as I was going through my vault of design ideas, I came across three images with the same wallpaper in them — and I know they weren’t just plucked from one visit to a website because they were saved with different dates and one was taken off my own camera…so, I figure I must really, really like this wallpaper.  It’s a nice and simple look.

It’s called “Cow Parsley” and it’s from Cole & Son.  If it looks familiar, it’s because I already did a post on it back in December: https://tillyscottage.wordpress.com/2010/12/06/framed-wallpaper/ I think I prefer the yellow the best (as the photos probably also confirm). Available from Cole & Son: http://www.cole-and-son.com

Amy Butler Wallpaper

2 Mar

I’ve always been a fan of Amy Butler fabrics and then I became a fan of her kitchenware and now I’m a fan of her wallpaper.  She just has a great creative flair and I think a very timeless approach.

Available at:  www.grahambrown.com


Guest bedroom re-do

17 Feb

Note to self:  when showing a room makeover, it’s best to have the “before” pics.  Oh well, I forgot to take photos of the room before so I’ll do my best to describe it.  While I’m staying here in Monkstown with Clodagh, we’ve decided to take on some room makeovers she’s been interested in for a while.  The first task was the TV room — she had already ordered the new furniture before I arrived so that’s simply been a job of re-hanging artwork, bookcase organizing and selecting new paint for the walls.  The room is getting there but it hasn’t been as dramatic of a change as the guest room has been.

Clodagh is a big adventurer so she left to go to southeast Asia for six weeks.  While she was gone, Mario (her handyman) and I took on the task of re-doing the guest room.  Old carpets were removed to reveal gorgeous wide-plank hardwood flooring. Mario put in new insulation and repainted the walls and Clodagh had selected and purchased the wallpaper (close-up of the sample I’ve been carrying with me for the last month at top).  My job was a fairly simple one — working with Mario on the details like paint color and accessorizing.  We have been trying to do this on the cheap so a lot of what I did was editing — removing a lot of what was in the room before (see, this is where a before pic would have really come in handy).  There are two built-ins in the room — a built-in wardrobe and a built-in desk (which did have a hutch on top).  While the room is big with high ceilings, it still had too much going on — very dark green walls, heavy curtains, a small round table and two chairs at the window, the built-ins as mentioned, two twin beds, two side tables and a bookcase. The extra furniture was throwing off the balance of the bed wall and a lot of things were out of scale – artwork too small and hung very high, lamps the wrong color and size for the bedside tables and too much furniture pushed together.

Now that the feature wall is wallpapered, I felt like it really need to tell the story for the room and everything else needed to be very simple.  I painted the two bedside tables white and added more delicate knobs to them (before, they were chunky wood knobs).  Mario removed the hutch from the desk so that it doesn’t feel as heavy now.  I bought a very simple, frameless mirror for the mantle and some chunky candlesticks on either side to balance it out.  The bookcase, curtains, round table and chairs were all removed.  Simple, solid new bedding for the twin beds but with a touch of the purple from the purple peonies in the wallpaper.  I’d like to re-do the headboards in the same purple velvet but that’s a bigger task and finding fabric in Ireland is a challenge. A simple, flat-woven rug to match the walls and a funky IKEA shade were also added — both of which have a slightly Asian feel but I think they go well with the feel of the wallpaper.  I also added a trio of black and white floral photos behind the beds — at the moment, everything is a bit IKEA but I’d like to eventually change the photos to black and whites of the Dun Laoghaire harbor view which can be seen from the window of the guestroom.  But it’s not exactly the right time of year to get photos like this.

I’m not quite sure the photos do it justice (have added two panoramic views)  but I’m happy with the result of the room.  It’s simple and it suits Clodagh’s home and her style (or at least I hope it does — will let you know if I’m right when she returns from Asia…)

More on customizing your space

13 Feb

Last month’s Ideal Home featured wallpaper created from a map of London in this funky little kitchen.  So much decorating these days can look same-y same-y that I love ideas like this and the Mykea approach of customizing your IKEA furniture (see earlier post: https://tillyscottage.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/customizing-ikea-furniture/).

This particular vintage map comes from Printed Space (http://www.printedspace.com/).  I’ll definitely have to check in with them to see if they have any Dublin maps and also do a bit of a price comparison against traditional wallpaper as they list prices of £399 for most of the London maps…

Collections as wallpaper

11 Feb

This is perfect for all you apartment dwellers — a great way to create your own “wallpaper” from your favorite paper-based collections.  This is another post courtesy of my sister from her iVillage trawlings.

In the first example, pics of your ancestors, forefathers, or whichever old geezers you choose become a great backdrop for a lounge when printed on parchment paper.

The second example takes covers from vintage music scores to separate the space for this studio dining area.

And finally, the color from the bold walls of the office in the third example gets broken up by a collection of black and white and sepia-toned photographs — I love that some are framed and some look like they’re just stuck up on the wall at random.



More at iVillage: http://tinyurl.com/5rr3b6p

Red, White & New

5 Feb

Another one from the old files…Advanced apologies to the magazine where this was taken from as I can’t figure out which one it was — probably Country Living.  I’m not sure I totally love it but it has a lot of elements I like and I think they’ve creatively used the wallpaper by putting it on the ceiling (but it makes the space feel a bit cramped for my taste).  This would work really well, however, in trying to cozy up a big space with high ceilings.

I love the screen door, the toile roman shade and I love a red and white kitchen — very country and very retro.

Still thinking about stairs

22 Jan

I’m still stuck on what to do about my stairs (which makes no sense at all given that I’m literally MONTHS away from having to make this decision!).

So I thought I’d share some more creative stair ideas — maybe not all as practical for my needs but fun nonetheless.