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Happiness is a warm puppy ~ Charles M. Schulz

25 Aug

My baby dog is three today.  She’s been one of my greatest rewards and a (nearly) constant source of enjoyment for me.  She’s also helped me become a little bit less of a perfectionist about my “stuff” — which I think is a very good thing.  Happy birthday, Tilly!

Happy Birthday, Tilly!

25 Aug

Today is Tilly’s second birthday – that’s 14 to you and me!  She’s got all the makings of a rebellious teenager to boot.  Thought I’d share a few pics of Tilly in honor of her big day.  I’m prone to nicknames so Tilly has bucket-loads of them including:  Tilly Bear, sugar booger, Tillsiter, poopie doopie, Tilly Malinki Maloo (Clodagh’s name for her), Tilbert (Kathy’s name for her) and  Boo (Molly’s name for her and a few other 4-legged friends).

Tilly and I had to go into my office on the Sunday morning that I adopted her.  My friend, Mark, took this photo of the two of us — the first of us together.

So young and sweet!

This is the look I get from Tilly whenever I start to cook anything!  It says “I want to try some of that yummy stuff you’re making”

She loves the outdoors and even though she’s a well-adjusted city dog, she loves it when we get out in the country most.

 I’m sure this is not that uncommon but Tilly is the first dog I’ve known to really watch TV — I mean she REALLY watches it and reacts to what’s happening on-screen.  In this pic, she’s watching a show with me on the laptop — I always laugh because since I got Tilly, this is the “frame” for everything I see because she’s always sitting in front of me. 

Happy birthday to my favorite pup!

Herbert Park

15 Aug

After you live in one place for a while, you forget the things that drew you to it in the first place (or at least I do!).  You begin to take it for granted and get down on it as familiarity sets in and all you see are the things that annoy you.  When I get like this about Dublin, I have a quick remedy:  Herbert Park.  It’s one of my favorite spots in the city — very tranquil, always lush and just a short stroll from my house. 

This happens to be one of my favorite spots in Herbert Park — I have about 10,000 photos of it but this is one of my favorites — taken with my Diana F+, pinhole camera. And it’s hard to tell but there’s a tiny little white ball of fluff in the back of the image — that would be my trusty companion, Tilly.

One of my favorite photos – taken by a nine-year-old

14 Aug

I love this photo — for so many reasons…firstly, because it was taken by my friend’s nine-year-old daughter and I think it’s a great thing to hand your camera to a child and see the world the way they see it.  Secondly, it was Christmas day and just one-month after I got Tilly, my little west highland terrier. But mostly, I love this photo because it really captures a moment:  Tilly still just a pup trotting along beside me and me thinking about how relaxing it is to be walking along the beach on Christmas day after a huge Christmas dinner.

If you’re a photography enthusiast and are lucky enough to have kids in your life, don’t forget to hand them the camera now and again…you’ll be happily surprised by what you get back.

Wild dogs and blackberries

4 Aug

I went walking over the weekend down at the beach with Tilly and her BFF, Jake.  While the dogs chased each other in the sand, I rambled on the outskirts to pick wild blackberries while listening to NPR (I’m truly addicted to “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me”). It was such a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours and a win/win for all — the dogs were “dog tired” afterward, I got in a good bit of exercise while being entertained and caught up on the week’s news in the US and best of all, I managed to pick a huge bowl full of blackberries which would have cost at least 5 euro at the supermarket. 

I came home and made a blackberry crumble (good thing I took that walk before…).  Here’s a pic of Tilly and Jake at the beach — looking vicious but the two of them couldn’t be happier…