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The Wishing Tree at Electric Picnic

10 Sep

I was very taken with this “Wishing Tree” at Electric Picnic.  I was reading a bit online and this custom of adding wishes or coins to a tree has been around for centuries.  I’ve seen mentioned things like this before but I thought this one was particularly beautiful and had some funny, nice and sad sentiments — I guess that’s just a sign of the times.  I love the honesty of the wish that says, “I wish for lust not love.” Fair enough.

And my heart aches for the woman who wrote that she wishes for her “autistic grandchild Jude to speak soon.”

I think this Christmas, instead of a Christmas tree, I’d like to have a Wishing Tree…

Shadow boxes

30 May

Shadow boxes never go out of style, in my humble opinion.  I wanted to share some of my favorites from around the web.  Even if the object you want to put on display is somewhat mundane — a great way to pimp out your shadow box is by adding decorative wallpaper or wrapping paper as a background.  

The photo at the bottom of this post is a shadow box filled with tags is a “wishing tree” which was created as a wedding shower gift.   Each tag shares a wish or piece of advice from close friends of the bride and groom.  The shadow box is a great way to keep these thoughts with them all the time.