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Hooray for Ouray

17 Sep

I’m still catching up on things that I saw or did over my summer vacation that I wanted to share on the blog.  One of the places where I went with my friends, the Childers, was Ouray (pronounced “you-ray”).  These are not great pics — just some quick ones taken with my phone but I wanted to share them because it was such a beautiful, blue-skied day and it’s like a little town still lost in 1849.  

We spent a couple of hours at the Hot Springs Pool and we “filled in the cracks” after lunch at Mouse’s Chocolates where I had the most delicious chai tea milkshake and a chocolate truffle (or two).

There was a cute little rusted Stop Sign hung in the “loo” at the restaurant where we had lunch. I just had to snap a quick shot.

I can’t resist re-posting these great photos from Christiana

5 Jun

Christiana has been a very busy a very busy lady these days.  She recently returned from a trip to Jamaica to shoot a wedding — and man, is she ever talented.  You must check out and subscribe to her blog because she is so talented and her work is inspiring.  Anyway, I just wanted the share a few of her photos from the wedding — I’m sure you’ll agree that she really knows how to capture the moment. 



Christiana’s Photo Tea Towels

7 Mar

I just had to re-post this entry from Christiana’s blog — I love these tea towels that she made using flour sacks and photo transfer paper.  The photos were taken when she lived here in Dublin.  She could make a fortune selling these bad boys (ok, maybe not a fortune but she could definitely make some money).  I’ll have to do a post on the bags we made together for my big birthday bash a few years ago.  It’s nice to have creative friends! 

Read more here:  http://www.christianachilders.com/blog/?p=1938

Christiana’s photography tours

15 Feb

My friend, Christiana, is a talented photographer who has recently started running photography tours and workshops.  Her first tour was held close to home in Seattle but she’s been working for more than a year now on planning a preparing a tour in Ireland (watch this space).

I had the good fortune of getting to review some of the material that Christiana was going to cover and if I owned a jet plane, I would have popped over to attend the Seattle Photography Tour in a heartbeat. Check out her blog to read more about their weekend:  http://www.christianachilders.com/blog/?p=1896

If you’re interested in photography and looking for a good way to put your talents to work, I would strongly recommend you get in touch with her!  She’s fun and oh-so-silly so I can say without reservation that her workshops promise to be interesting, educational and a hoot.

Happy birthday to one of my most talented friends…

21 Dec

Today is the birthday of not one, not two, but THREE of my friends! I guess I must get along well with Capricorns as I seem to be friends with a lot of them (although I know some of you on the cusp would lean toward Sagittarius).  At any rate, happy birthday to all three of these special and talented people, Ben, Conrad and Christiana. And a special shout out to  Christiana who has been one of my biggest supporters.  She’s always been really encouraging to me on lots of fronts but particularly in my creative endeavors.

She’s one of these people whom you’d love to hate because she’s good at everything she does (I mean, seriously talented) but you can’t hate her because she also happens to be one of the sweetest people I know — very artsy, a great cook, a great mom and a fantastic friend.

Christiana started her photography business a few years ago and she’s doing really well — but those of you in the Seattle area should take advantage of her talent a book her for a session – check her out at www.christianachilders.com I’m sure after seeing her photographs here, you’ll agree (and this is only a tasting of all the great stuff she does)…